Side Vex

Sidevex I’ve completed the right side of my Vex cardie and am pleased with the cardification.

Other than making this pullover pattern into a cardigan, I’ve not fudged with the pattern.  As I was knitting the front it occurred to me that the the shoulders are decreased straight across rather than the gradual slope toward the high point shoulder that I’m used to.  I think I may go back and change the shoulder decreases in say three stages to get a gentle upward slope.

Another thought I’d had making the front was that the front neck drop may be a tad too low.  Vex was written for a cowl-y type collar where you’d need to drop the neck a bit more than the zip front cardie ribbing collar I’m thinking about.  I may rip back and raise the neck an inch or so once I get these steamed out a bit and pinned at shoulder and side.

So despite some planned tweaking, I’m quite pleased with this quick, relaxing knit.  Go Vex!


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  1. That didn’t take long. Remember, lots o’knittin’ time coming up on the couch. You might need to bring more yarn.
    Or, we could dye up all your yarn that is already here.
    P.S. Photoshop!

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