Fronts Curly fronts are done on Vex.  On the left front I started alternating balls of yarn because I’d been getting some difference in color distribution between the hand dyed balls of Malabrigo.

I ended up getting more pooling doing that switcheroo, curious no?  I don’t mind, it’s the nature of hand dyed variegated yarn.  Can’t complain if the tiger has stripes can I?  In person, they look more similar than in the photo.

Sleeve island, next stop!  (You can tell I’m still on vacation with this half arsed entry…).


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  1. Very curious. I thought the 2 ball trick was supposed to eliminate pooling. Hmmm. I’m impressed that you’re blogging at all while on vacation. I’m terrible about that.

  2. yeah i have had that 2 ball trick not work sometimes and work other times but when it worked it was a pain in the ass carrying the two damn balls around everytime you worked on that piece of the sweater. and basically i decided that you should just fucking live with what your yarn does. 😉 or you know, not make sweater from variegated hand dyed yarn. because who cares if socks pool but a pooled sweater might wind up in my reject pile. 😉

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