Mr. Jackson, white courtesy phone…

Mitten Yes, I’m still on vacation.  Yes, I’ve been sitting on my ever expanding ass for quite some time, but there has been knitting amongst the chocolate eating.

I have made one whole fingerless mitten.  Yes, you gasp.  Without work or home distractions, I made ONE mitt in a WEEK.  So I bow down to Mr. Michael Jackson and rock the one glove for the blog.

This mitt was supposed to be fashioned after Beadlizard Sylvia’s pattern.  Hers look adorable, but mine were really really squat as a result of my mutant row gauges.  DAMN YOU ROW GAUGE!  I’d only brought one size of needle with me and couldn’t get my 0’s to work my Socks that Rock for those mitts.  I shall attempt another pair when I get home and back to my smorgasbord of needles, as Sylvia’s are more in keeping with what I’d had in mind when thinking of fingerless gloves.

But needs must, so a quick search of the internets came up with this free pattern in a similar weight of yarn that is completely independent of my wonky row gauge.  It’s more of a cast than a fingerless mitt, but warm it is.  Another glove is on the way, so stay tuned…


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  1. I love the pooling, but doesn’t it make you claustrophobic to have so much fabric around your fingers? I have to keep mine shorter, if only so the glove doesn’t snag on my wedding ring.
    Yes, I didn’t think you could make them work with 0’s. I’ve tweaked the pattern some, too, since sending you the draft. More later…
    [Any chocolate ornaments left on the tree?]

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