Two fer aka G with P

Mitts The second fingerless mitt took a whole lot less time than the first. Str1_1 Either I had a steep learning curve or I just watched alot of BBC America at my sister’s.

As previously mentioned, I used a basic pattern from Straw Into Gold’s freebie section to use up my Socks That Rock in the Red Rock Canyon colorway (turns out I like the yarn, just not for socks).  I’ve still got a ton leftover so I guess I can still make some tiny socks that rock.  I digress.

I made these because my office is usually really cold and I’m already always cold, so I wanted to be able to have gloves that let me type.  Hence these knitted casts (that’s what they look like to me).  They’re quite comfortable and I can type in them.  The next pair I make, I’ll make the wrist shorter and maybe the finger bit shorter, then I’ll be able to type really really fast.


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  1. Hi there – a little salutation since I am new to your blog. Thanks for sharing the pattern, but boy do the gloves look creepy on the ol’ mannequin hands over at – you have MUCH better presentation. And I love that Socks that Rock, will we be jostling for the same hank at Stitches?

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