Holy crap I need more yarn!

GoblinNo, not really but I’ve got some anyway.  Well not GOT, exactly.  Not in my hot little hands.  Just clicked and paid for.

What the hell am I talking about?  I bought my sister some yarn for Christmas (she asked for it – I was going to get her a spatula and some tea towels) from a very good online seller in the UK.  I innocently clicked on her site the other day and found some Rowanspun DK for 1.95 (pounds) per skein of this discontinued stuff.  What!?  I want some.  Then I see they have "goblin" green as a colorway.  Holy BonneMarie, I must have that.  Click click, it’s done.  I like a bargain and I like yarn.  A true win-win situation.


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  1. How much do you have and do you want more? Let’s see I have 5 former hanks, now wound – and I wouldn’t say I am sick of the stuff, just that I already knit one Rowanspun DK cardie for myself and I really don’t need another. So many more things to knit, such little time, you know?

  2. Your (for Norma) PURE evil, you know that? Posting such a great seller when you KNOW I’m on a self-imposed yarn diet!
    I’ll get you my pretty…..

  3. I bought some Rowanspun Aran and Rowanspun 4-ply from there this fall — great prices! I love that Goblin Green. Sadly, my yarn diet has begun 😦

  4. Nice green yarn !
    Right after that, I went to the seller’s shop ……but I’ll resist ! Too much yarn in the stash !

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