Eensy and beensy


  I’ve been knitting, but I don’t know how to dress up my dull progress to make it interesting for y’all.

On the left is a completed sleeve for Vex that is pinned in flat waiting for sewing up.

BlackandwhitebackOn the right is the completed back of Pull #21 in Phildar Tendances Automne 06/07.  Doesn’t it look eensy beensy?  It’s knit in 1 x 1 rib, is unblocked and has really deep armhole cutouts because of the black bands that I’ll add at the shoulders.

See?  Dull.  I tried this random word generator that is supposed the help out writers who are stuck.  I tried it and it came up with "sordid".  Holy crap, it’s a knit blog.  That’s not too sordid, is it?

Then I tried this random haiku generator.  That was much more fun.  Read them out while drinking your morning java.

I got:  The one in the skirt
tucks the gem beneath her tongue.
Why didn’t you leave?

Could have something there.


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  1. Hey! Progress is never dull. Now LACK of progress would be. I think I’ll use that random word generator for my post titles from now on. They always stump me.

  2. I don’t think progress is ever dull and I’m impressed with the speed you did the back of the Phildar sweater. Heck, I can’t even come up with any boring progress, so I’m just not posting.

  3. Thanks for the random generators. I feel it’s a bit like a vending machine. But I no longer include those junk food robots in my life.
    This is healthier.
    I wish I could put the energy into my writing that I do to my knitting.

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