Cold Shoulder

Shoulder1 Nope, cold in this post’s title doesn’t refer to the oddly cold weather.  No it’s the lack of shoulder cap-page currently available here at casa de Sil.  Sure I’m knitting away, but it’s not there yet.  But, it’s all I’ve got to show so *VOILA*! 

I did try to have a bit of fun with Photoshop in arranging the picture at right.  When I was whipping around the blogs the other day, someone mentioned that she’d wanted to make her photo corners rounded like she’d seen on another site.  This tutorial is pretty quick and shows you how to do it.  I added a drop shadow just for the heck of it.  Fun with shadows and back to the knitting.

Added later:  After patting myself on the back for embarking on the sleeve cap I realized that I never actually MADE the sleeve increases.  I THOUGHT about them, but didn’t actually DO them.  I nominate myself for the Dork of the Year prize (aka Palme d’ork).  I ripped back about 10 inches and am now chastened sitting in a dark corner.