Zippy time

Collar I’ve finished all the knitting and sewing up on Vex.  I ordered a zipper and until that arrives, Vex will be neatly folded up, waiting patiently.  Me, not so much.

I’d hoped to have a suitable zipper in my stash, but sadly I only had a black one that was the right length.  I surfed over to Zipperstop and ordered two zippers in two different reds just to make sure one would be ok.  They’re so cheap it doesn’t make sense not to buy a backup in case my monitor colors are whacked.

In order to have a snippet of blog fodder, I photographed the little collar I went with, a simple 4×4 rib to match the midriff.  The Vex pattern is made for a pullover with a cowl collar.  Cute, but the Malabrigo in a pullover is a bit warm for my climate.  A cardigan is much more suitable for me.  The neckline was dropped a bit for the cowl neck, and I wanted a crew neck but didn’t alter the neckline decreases to make it higher.  I "fixed" this when knitting the collar by adding some shortrows at the front neck edge to build it up a bit without extending the height of the back collar.  I eyeballed where I wanted the shortrow to begin and end and looked up shortrows in Stanley’s Knitter’s Handbook and just did it.  Two shortrows per side did the trick.

I did notice that the pattern errata now has a crewneck version so shortrowing may not even be necessary if you’re too lazy to figure your own decreases.  Yes, I refer to this lazy girl. Oh well, Montse saved my arse – again.