Hey there soupy girl

Soup_1 My zipper is here for Vex!  Zipperstop is my friend.  I wish they could come over and sew it in for me though.  I am extremely lazy.

Instead of a knitting post, I’ll give you a heads up post.  Remember Jennifer Coolidge’s line in Best in Show when asked what hot little her had in common with her extemely old and gnome-like, filthy rich husband?  No?  She came up with, "well we both like soup".  Holy crap that was a funny movie.  Well I too love the soup.  I made this easy and yummy soup from Epicurious.  I didn’t make any changes, other than leave out the celery (didn’t have any), double the spices and garlic and used balsamic vingear (that’s what I had) instead of cider vinegar.  Yum yum yum.  Easy easy easy.

Knittingwise, as has been widely reported in the blogs, Interweave has a Spring Preview up and it’s quite nice.  Props to Interweave.  Their pix may be blurry, but those new patterns are lovely.

What may have gone unnoticed is that Phildar has their new 2007 Printemps catalog up on their French site.  Some cute things there too.  Now to get that zipper sewn in for a "real" post.

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  1. Yes. thank you for higlighting Zipperstop. It is great. And the recipe and for reminding me about interweave. I never remember to check and then it comes in the mail and it is too late to anticipate.

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