It’s cute pattern Friday!

I’d hope to show you both neat and tidy finished zipper bands on Vex but only one is done and it would be cheating to intimate that both were done.  Gotta keep the knitting on the up and up.

Okay, cute patterns.  I’ve come across two that have spoken to me and not surprisingly they’re quite similar.

Zozo1_2First up is the adorable Cabo Hoodie designed by Knit and Tonic’s Wendy.  It’s an easy top down raglan hoodie with sleeve length variation.  So cute.  I love the short sleeved one for Fake Niece Zoe.  SoCal girls have little need for warm sweaters, but short sleeves, now you’re cooking.  You can see my start for this wee sweater in the lovely red yarn yonder.  What yummy fiber have I chosen for this little number?  That’s Red Heart Soft in wine!

I wanted a yarn that was machine washable and preferably a cotton blend since it’s for a kid, but couldn’t find one I like.  I fondled this stuff in the craft store the other day and was kind of shocked by how soft and nice it was.  Hey, maybe that’s why they call it "Soft".  I thought what the hell, and took it home.  This 100% acrylic yarn is very fine to work with.  I may get kicked out of the Fiber Snob Club, but there it is.

The second pattern is from Zephyr Style’s Wicked.  Cute top down raglan that has sleeve length variations.  That sounds familiar!  I’m tempted to use up some worsted that is hanging out in the garage and making a short or 3/4 sleeve version.  Most cute.


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  1. That Red Heart Soft is just that. I think it’s perfect for kid knits (I refuse to stick a hand-wash or air-dry knitted item on a parent–that’s just not fair).

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