Global warming?

One month ago when my friend’s 90 year old Cuban grandma heard the Super Soul Bowl would be in Miami in February, she said, "why there, it’s going to rain."  Yeah, she’s good.  As usual, the food was good and the game was bor-ring.  Prince is my new hero though.  Zo5 He looked good in those heels in the rain.  He’s still got it.

I must also point out that yesterday it was 70 degrees in nor Cal and 80 in so Cal and they had that stupid game in pouring rain of Florida.  That annoys me somehow.  I guess next year it’s in Arizona, so no worries on the precipitation front.

Despite unseasonably warm temps, I continued along with my Cabo Hoodie for my favorite so Cal girly.  Sure it’s too hot to wear now and won’t fit her if next time it’s even going to be cold, but what the hell.  It’s cute.  Forgive the sucky picture, it was really the best that I could do.  Just take my word for it, I’m at the start of the bottom ribbing.  So far so easy…


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  1. I think that’s a great picture–you have high standards–but you can see how even your stitches are–great job!
    (I’m trying to cut down on my use of exclamation points, but I see I’m just substituting dashes, sigh)

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