Mad skittles

Foldedlook I either have too much to do or I’m a bad time manager.  Sadly, it’s probably the latter.  Well whatevah!  My knitting progress is miniscule but cute.  I did finish the torso of my lil’ Cabo sweater and decided to do a tubular bind off for the 1×1 rib.   I’d forgotten how pretty it was!

Tubular bind off always makes me pull out my Stanley for the sequence of stitches.  I noticed last night that the 1×1 bind off’s stitch mantra was like kitchener stitch mantra:

"Knit – Purl – Purl – Knit"

Mycloseup I whizzed right through the bind off, right up to the last two stitches that were too big and loopy.  My Red Heart Soft yarn has no elasticity.  Zippo.  I ended up with a frankensteinien looking graft at the end.  I think I’d be the only one to notice, but at that point there was no going back.  Luckily kid garments get worn for about 10 minutes before they’re outgrown, so no big whoop.

As an aside, any knitters out there going to Magic or WWIN next week?  It’d be fun to have a knitting – gambling – drinking ‘n bitch thang.


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  1. You may be trying to distract us with your fancy tubular bind-off, but I haven’t forgotten those button bands!

  2. Your tubular looks great! If there’s one thing I love is the cool rolling edge of it. So impeccable.
    I once ended up with a floppy loop at the edge and I “controlled” it by pulling the yarn through it and then sewing it down when I seamed.

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