Viva and all

Just in time for it’s Las Vegas debut, I present my version of the kimono inspired tunics that are now playing on ladies all over the land.Kimono_1

I’d originally bought the poly crepe to knock off a dress like this one from my friends at Anthro.  Then I never made it because it was cold and winter and a sleeveless dress in December just didn’t make sense.

I then began to hanker after a cute cross front kimono tunic that I was seeing all over.  I thought my vaguely Asian fabric would do the trick.  I pawed through my patterns and found not one of them matched what was in my head.  Now some may wonder why a woman who can make up her own damn patterns would use a commercial one?  It’s a two part answer: time and space.  Ooh, how Stephen Hawking that sounds!  It’s just quicker to alter a pattern already made up and trued and I don’t have an Silkim extra table upon which to draft a pattern.

Enter New Look 6515.  It had the cross front I’d wanted but the body shape was all wrong. It was too straight and had a stupid side zipper because of it.  Dumb. I ended up altering the pattern by adding an empire bodice line all around and adding fullness and shirring to the front and back.  I also added some length as I wanted a blouse about 28" from high point shoulder to hem.  Frankenstein pattern is born.

I of course changed the sewing up method considerably from the directions – those were pretty lame.  I eliminated the bane of home sewing patterns – aka the facings – because I decided to use the bands to clean finish the edges and make a lightweight edge.

After cutting this out I thought it needed something to jazz it up.  Enter orange satin!  I made orange satin bias and inserted it into the bands to give it some color interest.  Pretty darn easy and my favorite color.

Voila!  My new favorite blouse and it’s casino ready for Vegas. 


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  1. Oh, to have the ability to get just what you want!
    It looks gorgeous on you. Have fun in Las Vegas!
    (Is that one of the pins you turned into a necklace you’re wearing with it?)

  2. All the sewing reminds me of my mother doing the same thing with patterns for me when I was younger. Makes me glad I’m taking my quilting class so that maybe this whole sewing thing won’t be too far out of reach for me. That top is just lovely!

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