Fall Fashion Roundup


*Warning – no knit content what so ever*

I’ve returned from the all the fashion markets in Vegas and have a brief impression of what was going to happen in Fall at retail.

Color-wise, there was lots and lots of gray and black.  The black is always there, but the gray is going to be hot.  There were splashes of color to set off the gray (like shamrock green) but just a piece like a vest or tee.

The style forecast is a big change from the past years from embellished and decorated to simple styles and lines.  More tone on tone embellishment rather than the gold embroidery and doo hickeys everywhere.

The predominant jean by far was the skinny jean.  Argh!  Not surprisingly the the predominant shape for tops was a longer tunic length with empire waists.  In fact, empire waists (where the body of the blouse falls from under the bust) were everywhere on tops and dresses.  I guess if you’re wearing those skinny jeans you’ll want to cover up that ass.  There were also lots of cute little trapeze like jackets with 3/4 sleeves and cute collars.  Those jackets are shorter than the tops, usually about waist length.  They look like those 1960s vintage jackets I’ve been buying at the thriftstore for ages.  They’re hot now.

Shoe-wise, wedge heel boots with and without fur are hot hot hot.  I saw them alot with skinny jeans tucked in them.  We also saw very little of the awful leggings.  I think that trend is most popular with kids and tweens who never saw it before.  I saw hardly any buyers wearing leggings, so that’s not a good sign for that trend.

Finally, the pirate and skull trend was declared officially over, really it was by the fashion group forecast man in the seminar to which I went.  The trend will be to more "happy" icons and logos (think Japanese inspired graphics of cuteness).

We’re supposed to be entering a positive and happy phase in fashion – the return of sophistication and glamour (think Grace Kelly).  I guess I’ll have to retire my "former eastern bloc mail order bride" outfits.


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  1. Thank you so much for posting this! I love to hear what you find out.
    Soooo love when ‘they’ talk about a return to glamour. Reminds me of this stand up that Janeane Garofalo did, where she was talking about the same thing, and how in previous seasons, ugly girls had just gotten a free ride. I was really hoping for crack wh*re, but I guess I’ll go with glamour if that’s what is fashionable.

  2. Don’t retire it just yet…after all, there are number of cities and towns in New York and New Jersey where that look is just cresting in popularity.

  3. I love you “annual report”. (Is is bi-annual?) Anyway, thank you! And thank God about the leggings…I lived in mine in high school, gee, am I aging myself? Don’t care to revisit ANY of that.

  4. Yay for simple lines! Boo for skinny jeans! I must be cool because I just bought a pot of grey MAC eyeshadow the other day. I’ve long suspected that those empire waist numbers are geared toward the 2nd year or so college gals, to cover their new little beer bellies!

  5. Oh good! I score a rock-bottom Zero on the fashion scale this year, keeping up my perfect record. I remember the empire waist style when I was in college (can you guess how far back that was?) and my mother always complained that it made me look pregnant. Now that I’m her age and the fashion is back, I can sympathise.
    BTW, thanks for the tip on the Phildar books — I found the one with your B&W sweater at my local yarn shop and would have passed it by, but instead picked it up for a peek, and bought it for 2 of the other patterns in the book. Does that make me almost fashionable?

  6. Um, is the jeans waistband just a tad higher? Please say yes! I’m so tired of looking at love handles and butt cracks in the line at the market…
    Paisley is good.
    So, cropped and layered or tunic. DD won’t wear a crop top, but I have some good empire tunic patterns.
    She’s trying to figure out what to wear to 8th grade graduation and is joking about a lavender tux.

  7. Skinny jeans = no.
    Jeans tucked into boots = no.
    Empire waists? Well, maybe if you pick one out for me.
    Gray = looks like crap on me.
    Not a very high percentage of keepers here….

  8. I love your fasion round-ups! I’m happy to do away with the embelished and decorated. I like the short jackets. I’ve “outgrown” all of my old skinny jeans and will likely keep it that way. I would like some japanese graphic cuteness in a bright color under grey.
    Thanks for the report!

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