Hoodie almost

Collage1_2 Cabo Hoodie for the fake niece Zoe is almost done!  I couldn’t resist showing off my progress.

To recap, I’m making this with Red Heart Soft yarn and it’s working just fine.  Sure it’s acrylic, but I can’t burden a parent with handwashing a gifted handknit.  Does not compute.  The Soft is indeed soft and quite a pretty wine red color.  It’ll look adorable on the fake niece, should she ever get cold.  She doesn’t often get cold and lives in southern California so I know I’m pretty much knitting this one for my own enjoyment.

Still, look how cool the pocket is jutting out from the ribbing.  The pattern has you knit the pocket separately and sew it on, but I thought I’d skip a step and pick up the stitches directly in position and knit the pocket from there.  Am I wrong, but isn’t this a Wallaby feature?  Anyhow, it should be done tonight and ready for its closeup. Yeah!


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  1. I guess Claudia would have done it the same way (darn typepad!)
    LOVE the Cabo–this is for the same vampire-princess cutie, yes?

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