Cabo cutie

Cabodone The Cabo Hoodie is done and this picture cracks me up.  Why?  Doesn’t it put you in the mind of the Unabomber sketch on the wanted poster from times past – just imagine some Raybans in the hood?  Okay, that’s just me thinking that, so we’ll move along.

The pattern is the Cabo Hoodie by Wendy Bernard and purchased at One Planet Yarn and Fiber.

The yarn is Red Heart Soft in color wine (5 oz. per skein at 256 yards).  It’s 100% machine wash and dry acrylic because I don’t knit for kids with fibers that require special care.  I used most of two skeins for the size 8 with the short sleeves.

Modifications?  Not much really.  I used tubular cast on for the all the ribbings and they look fabulous imho.  I also picked up and knit the pocket stitches rather than sewing it on after the fact.

I’ll try to get a shot of it on the fake niece because she can rock just about anything!


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  1. That’s cute! I love it!
    Hmm interesting notion of someone like in the sketch wearing that…actually you are right I can easily imagine that…
    I like how you picked up stitches instead of sewed on the pocket. That’s what I would do too, since I am much more a knitting person!

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