Sisters_1_1 I’m back from a fun trip to Orlando with my sisterClaudia raised so much money from all you KNITTERS at last year’s MS Ride that she was invited to their MS Society Meeting in Orlando for all their super fundraisers!  Knitters rock.  Because I’m so like that, I flew to Orlando to meet up with her and ride some rollercoasters for a super long weekend.  Yeah for coasters!

There was lots of upsidedown on roller coasters, finding you can buy BEER and WINE and cocktails at Disney World and Universal and little bits of sock knitting.  Go to Claudia’s blog to see her picture of Mickey holding her sock in progress, it’s hilarious. She’s also having a contest to win those silver ears…just saying.

Next post will have actual knitting content and perhaps some Oscar gown discussion.  I’m a big sleepyhead right now…


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  1. You guys do look really cute in those ears… but I have an embarrassing fact to admit: I am a Mickey and Minnie hater. Just don’t get it. I know, I’m a crank, always been one. But I LOVE rollercoasters!

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