The Black and the White

Blackandwhite_1 Knitting is fun.

Finishing is not as fun – at least for me.  I’ve picked up my Phildar sweater again and remembered how much I liked it.  It’s a 1×1 rib so the pieces look eensy beensy, but I think it’ll fit.  Phildar call this #21 and it’s from Automne Tendances 06/07, if you’d like to turn to that page.  I’m knitting it in Elann Highland Chunky wool as the Phildar yarn for called for was rather pricey when figuring shipping into the total.

Well since that’s knitting up so quickly, I thought I’d look around and see what new patterns have cropped up.

Phildar has two new women’s books out.  Yeah!  The first is Phildar Printemps Tendances and you can page through it on the Phildar site. The second is Phildar Printemps Collection. I’ve already ordered them from my favorite Canadian Phildar hook up, Knit and Tyme. I absolutely love them and their service if you’d like to order them too.  Just happy with them, not affiliated.

I also fell in adoration of Flair by Wendy Bernard.  So cute and wearable and I think I’ve even got some black wool in the stash that is begging to be this.  Kismet baby!

Okay, now back to getting on that Phildar #21…


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