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Yarnyiggy I’ve been obsessing about making a swing jacket/sweater thang and have decided to go with Flair.  It’s cute and easy and cotton. I live in California and the CHERRY BLOSSOMS are out(!) so wool won’t get too much use.  If you want Flair too, go to Kpixie and buy the kit for the best buy for the yarn and pattern (that I could find).  Or go to your local like I did.

An aside:  Is it just me or does "FLAIR" conjure up that fabulous scene in Office Space with Miss Jennifer Aniston?  Funny, funny movie – really!…

I thoroughly examined my stash yarn and found I had nothing suitable to make Flair or any other swing jacket pattern I’d seen.  I’m rethinking the wisdom of a stash and will be making serious postings on Destash in the very near future.  Very near.

As it’s almost my birthday when no rules apply, I went ahead and bought the Blue Sky Cotton in color 625.  The color is called graphite, I do believe.  I kept thinking it reminded me of something.  Umm…hmmm…oh yeah!  My sister’s Iggy is exactly the same color as my new cotton!

Photo credit:  I swiped the picture of Iggy from my sister’s gorgeous Photo a Day Project.  What’s that you ask?  She (and others) are working on their photography by taking a picture a day for a whole year.  There are some amazing pix in there.  She’s wasted on the law.


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  1. Thanks for the kind words! I think its SO COOL that you are making a cat colored sweater. Half of the cat hair in my house won’t even show up on this!

  2. I love Office Space and I always think of it when I hear the word “flair.” What a great movie.
    And you can’t go wrong with a swing jacket 😉

  3. well, I hadn’t yet made the “flair” connection, but now I’ll never be able to forget, I’m sure. 🙂 (Brilliant movie!)

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