Attachment disorder

Gray1 I’ve become very attached to my Flair project (that makes me want to do jazz hands every time I say that).  The pattern thus far has been good, you can’t beat a top down raglan for ease can you.

I’m enjoying the Blue Sky Cotton, it’s very nice to knit up.  I must admit I was a bit worried because it looked like a "shedder" to me.  It doesn’t shed, so my worry was for naught.

The sad part of this tale is that my row gauge is off.  What else is new?  It’s the bane of a knitter’s existence.  Flair has a schematic of a sort, but to a woman who draws schematics for a living, it’s not detailed enough.  I like a good meaty schematic so I can recalculate my dumb row gauge to fit the measurements of say, armhole depth, neck width and front neck drop from high point shoulder.  I know at this point, most of you are glazed and open mouthed.  Trust me, these are very important measurements when constructing a garment.  Especially constructing it with WONKY row gauge.

How does one recalculate for wonky row gauge?  I’d give a nice long explanation, but my sister has already done that today!  Kismet!  Fate!  Synchronicity.


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  1. I read your sister’s post. It made me want red wine at 10 in the morning (can you tell I am not a math person)? Good luck with the gauge!

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