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Knitty’s up in case you’ve been under a yarn pile.  It’s a very nice assortment.

Phildar1 The cute pattern alert dinged for quite a few of the offerings.  I was struck right off by Jen’s very adorable Carolyn pattern (named after the fabulous Chicago Carolyn).  Then I was drawn to Ribena which I immediately mentally changed to long sleeved and a cardigan.  Then bounced over to Nathania’s lovely Queen of Cups socks.  Bang, zoom, bling…There’s alot there and you can’t complain about the price of the pattern.

Phildar is also out with two new pattern books for ladies.  I bought mine at Knit ‘n’ Tyme (who rock) in case you’re wondering.  One is Collections and one is Tendances.  Some cute ideas in both, like the little sweater at the left for example.  I like the designs that will work in warmer weather for obvious California living reasons.  You can go through them page by page on the Phildar site under Catalogues.

The last pattern tidbit I came across is on Eunny’s blog.  She’s posted a tiny snippet of a fairisle she designed for a yarn company and it’s absolutely, drop dead gorgeous.  Hell, I’d even try to make that one.  Quit laughing, it’d be ready in time for the next ice age.


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  1. Oh, that design of Eunny’s is simply delectable. I would knit that in a heartbeat, truly. It’s fitted and modern, but with the traditional bent. It definitely sings to me. I really like Ribena, but also thought of it as long sleeved, but with a V-neck. I also love Isabella (the lacy tank with the lily of the valley stitch pattern).

  2. Oh sheesh. If you try colorwork I’ll try colorwork which I swore I never would but that is the cutest sweater! How large do the sizes in the Phildar mags run? Are they all teeny?

  3. Happy Birthday! I am joining in the chocolate and knitting celebrations of your day. (and I thank you muchly for the excuse for more chocolate)

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