Basket time

Basket Because another progress shot of Flair would be boh-ring, I’ll show you the cutest thing I made the other day.  My March Burda Mode Magazine arrived and I perused it, as one does, and usually when I get to the craft part at the end I always think, cute, but who the hell has time to make bunny shaped egg cosies for soft boiled eggs.  Hell, I don’t even eat soft boiled eggs so keeping them warm in cuteness is not a priority.

Imagine my surprise when I saw their cute little felt basket thingie and got hot burning to make it.  You take the sun shaped pattern above left and blow it up on the photocopier, cut it out with three long strips and weave up your little basket.  I sewed it up by hand, found some shredded packaging material (so much more eco-friendly than Easter grass) and added delicious Lindt Mini Lambs.  Aren’t they cute all corralled up like that?  They’re yummy and easily purchased at Target.  Don’t go shopping there hungry.  Ask me how I know.


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  1. I remember making paper baskets like that in first grade! Yours is adorable.
    (More Flair pics are NEVER boring!)
    It’s terrible going to Target with my little girl–she has such a chocolate craving and the Target selection is unbelievable!!!

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