Half shirts are back

GraypixThe progress, she is made!  (Anyone? Manolo…)

I finished the Flair body torso, and so far so good. At least to my way of thinking.  I’ve got two and 1/3 skeins of yarn left and only two 3/4 sleeves to make, so I’ve got enough yarn.

I’m modeling this lovely torso in some low-ish sweat pants (nothing but the finest for you dear readers) and have pointed out the lady flesh that’s peeking out between the low rise and the sweater.  I know that this sweater is supposed to be cropped or the proportions will be all wrong and look like some maternity fashion, but I may knit up those sleeves and see how much yarn I’ve got.  I may add a wee bit the the bottom if there’s sufficient yarn.  If there’s only enough for a couple of rounds, I’m sure not going to rip out 1.5" of seed stitch for another 1/4" of length.  Or I may knit it all up and decide it’s perfect as is.  That would be the best outcome because I’m a tad on the lazy side. In a good way of course.


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  1. I think if you’re uncomfortable with the length, and you have the yarn, go ahead and add an inch. It looks great so far, though!

  2. A little extra in length might be good. ;-]
    Depends on what you plan to wear it with. It has a bit of an Audrey Hepburn look to it, which is very good. Looking forward to it’s imminent finish. Do you knit in your sleep ? It’s that knitting monogamy thing, isn’t it ? Me ? I’m loose with my project affiliation ! Can’t help myself !

  3. It’s looking good! You could always just wear it over longer stuff so the shorter length doesn’t show any skin, that would look nice.

  4. I gave you a plug on my half shirt fans Yahoo! group. I realize your reference to the classic guy’s belly shirt from the 80s was tongue-in-cheek, but I liked your reference anyway…and the shirt.

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