Angora blue

Angoracollage1 Somehow, some way, a few (6 really) skeins of Elsebeth Lavold Angora ended up at my house.  I saw it on Elann the other day and just had a hot burning to have some.  I’d thought to use it for Wicked, but when I swatched it, didn’t think it was a perfect fit.  My washed swatch was so pretty and lightly fluffed I decided it needed to be a bit more retro looking.  I shall delve into the stash to come up with something with which to make Wicked, but Angora needs to be a bit more, well, sexy.

Looking around at patterns I saw elements of what I wanted, but not the ONE.  Oh hell, I’ll have to make it up.  I am soooo lazy, but needs must.  I drew a sketch of what’s on my mind, a fitted sweater, with short puffy sleeves and a deeeep V-neck with a band of ribbing around.  The body will be ribbing, alternating pattern at the waistline to emphasize the assets, so to speak.  Ditto for the low neckline.  I told you tight already, right?  I’ll have to make a pencil skirt to wear with it for a naughty librarian look.  No, I’m not a librarian, but I do have a library card!


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  1. I am all about the naughty librarian look!
    I’m sure you mentioned it before, but where did you get that sketching software? Please don’t tell me you did that freehand.

  2. Wow, hope you write up that pattern girl!! I love that look and as I am losing weight and the part under my boobs is now less “blobish”, that would be a great sweater for emphasis (?)…can’t wait to see it.

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