Flaring up

Newcollage Holy crap, I finished something!

To recap:

Pattern: Flair by Wendy Bernard

Yarn:  Blue Sky Cotton,  by Blue Sky Alpacas, Inc. (100% Cotton; 150 yards / 100 grams), 6 hanks #625, Graphite

Mods:  I made the body 2.5" longer and the sleeves about 3" longer (I have ape arms) and need longer arm proportions.

I am having trouble with the inside buttons, which are needed to have the fabric lay right.  This style is double breasted and I made the inside button holes and sewed the buttons on but not loosely enough.  When I put the sweater on the divets made by the button on the other side were way too evident for my liking.  I cut the buttons off and am using 2 safety pins today, which actually works ok.  I’ll try sewing some inside buttons on even more loosely to see if I can get them indistinguishable.  If not, safety pins will be my permanent solution.  Classy.

I liked this pattern very much.  It’s a nice straight forward top down raglan that goes quickly.  I also enjoyed the Blue Sky Cotton too, it’s not shedding and so far no pilling, though it is day 1.  If you’re thinking you’d like to make this one too, I see Kpixie has a kit available for a very nice price.  Okay, off to channel Miss Audrey Hepburn.


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  1. It looks great on you! I hear you on the inner buttons, they are a bit tricky. If they don’t work for you, just use one on the inside up at the top. It’ll stay closed nicely with that.
    When I get a chance, it’ll go in my Gallery!

  2. Looks super!
    You just need to put your hair up into an Audrey-do–you’ve got that big beautiful smile that she had!

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