Blue shoulders

Newblue1 After ripping the previous incarnation of this creation, I was sorely tempted to throw the offending balls into the corner.  Yes, that sentence will wreak some interesting googles.

I am more mature than that.  Seriously.  I tried a few things and came up with a plain blue jane stockinette top down raglan with a V-neck.  Here you see some shoulder action.  Not exciting, but hopefully the electric blueness and fluffy angora will combine to give it some much need zing.  That, and a low cleavage baring neckline.  I’m so not above that, and yes you can buy me a drink sailor.


6 responses

  1. I remember shrinking an angora sweater on purpose so it showed more midriff when I wore it with my black mini. [Yes, I didn’t always have this figure, nor did I always dress like a frump!]
    I like your concept more than the last one. You are going to get a LOT of drinks when you wear this sweater!

  2. I know you giggle when you know porn seekers end up here!
    And is Claudia always so practical? 😉

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