Food not knitting

Bread Because yet another progress shot of a sweater emerging in the round would put just about everyone to sleep, I’ll share a recipe I just found and enjoyed.  I know!  Me!  Cooking!  Well baking, I do bake, rather well in fact.  Not so much with the cooking.

It’s called Quick Whole Wheat and Molasses Bread and I found it in my local paper.  I’d link to the article in my paper, but their website is almost as bad as their paper (wine reviews excepted).  I did (google really) find it in the Detroit paper with interesting variations my suck ass local rag didn’t see fit to print.

As you can see by the bites I "inadvertently" took out of the slice model on the right, I find this bread delicious.  It’s whole wheat so it’s not light and airy, but it is yummy and will be incredible toasted and paired with Tazo decaf chai tea, if anything remains later on today.  Best of all, it’s ridiciously easy to make.  Bonus score.  Pass the butter.

Okay Peeps – Happy Easter!


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  1. I don’t cook, but this looks easy enough for me to make with the kids-thanks!
    Happy Easter to you!

  2. Dude, I love bread like that toasted with lots of butter. I’m not really sure why I used dude.
    I love it with cream cheese too- I don’t know if it would work with that kind, but banana bread….ok, I just love an excuse to slather that stuff on anything.

  3. Wow. That looks amazing, and Passover ends tonight! Happy coincidences!
    Good luck pushing through the sweater slog. Just think of all those sailors!

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