Houston we have a problem

Newstart Well, here’s where I am on the top down raglan pullover.  Yeah, not so good.

After getting the raglan to fit just right and then calculating the decreases to the waist, I decided I didn’t like what I had.  That’s point number 1.  Point number 2 – the fabric I was creating was just too heavy and had no drape whatsoever.  Point number 3 – I didn’t have enough yarn to finish the sweater at this dense gauge.

Holy Krakatoa.

I decided on a two pronged approach to a solution.  One is to rip the whole project out and reswatch with a looser gauge.  Check.  The second prong is to buy more yarn.  I went back to the elann site and bought the last three balls of Angora they had in "blue".

So I’ll now have 10 skeins of Angora and will rethink the pattern.  I’m NOW thinking of a very fitted waist length cardigan with 3/4 sleeves.  Small, sexy and fuzzy and easy.  Oh yeah, and tight!


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  1. Ooof, so sorry to hear. But I think the cardigan will better support your goals, actually. And the color, as others have mentioned, is still divine!

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