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Special_2 In an effort to not jinx any progress on Angora Blue cardie, let’s talk about something else.  It may be a tad late not to jinx the cardie as I ripped the whole thing out again this a.m. due to gauge issues.  I wanted tight, but I was asking too much from angora fibers.  Gauge problem is solved, but we’re back to the beginning.  It does go quickly, so it’s not the trauma it could be.

Okay, onto the distraction.  New pattern book alert!  My beloved Phildar has a new magazine out.  It’s called Special 20 (French only – no translation) and seems to be marketed as a collection for the 16 to 20 year olds, or some such thing.  Nice ageist marketing France.  That’s probably a whole other post.  Sweater1I can’t really figure out what’s so different about this collection from their other stuff to make it "youth oriented", so don’t be put off by their stupid  marketing ploy.

I did find a lovely sweater that I MUST MAKE!  It’s named in the coquettish Phildar style as No. 4A – Pull Phil Lin Seigle.  That’s catchy ain’t it.  I’ve got some pretty copper cotton blend yarn in the stash that will hopefully work with this little number.  I’ll know when I get the pattern book from the wonderful folks at Knit N Tyme (Hurry mail persons!  Click here for the link to where I bought mine.)  I’ll check out the pattern when it arrives and rejigger it suit my yarn and probably rewrite it too, as I don’t speak the French and change the sleeves to 3/4.  I’m into the 3/4 sleeves right now.

Watcha think, does this project looked jinxed?


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  1. Oh oh oh oh oh … I love this Twenty magazine! Just too bad there is no English … you know, it’s not like there is no other patterns around to knit from … so anything demanding extra effort would give me second thought. But this magazine might just be good enough for that something extra.

  2. That is a cute sweater! Too bad they didn’t translate that issue to English. Phildar issued an English version of an older issue of Twenty but it came out a year after the issue came out in French.

  3. Jinxed? Which sweater? You have stuck with that angora like velcro. I’d have gotten too ticked off and stomped the stuff with my stomping boots by now. Whatever it turns into, it is going to look great.

  4. Yeah, I don’t really get the “Special Twenty” thing… this one doesn’t even look so much like young trends or anything. I’ve got a few of the past S20 books, I’m a sucker for Phildar patterns. My fear when I first saw a S20 book was that the size range would be limited; I’m at the top of their size range. I’m just glad they didn’t go the whole “young=skinny” route with sizing these patterns!

  5. I like to think of Special Twenty as the age I keep wanting to tell people I am. You know, as opposed to Really Twenty.
    I’ll be forty in May, so it’s probably so Special it’s not working anymore, eh….

  6. I don’t get what’s so tweeny about it, either. That’s a great sweater! And these things only get *improved* by our modifications, never jinxed! 🙂

  7. I really like the sweater, but the neck looks reaaaaally wide, like it would slip right off the shoulders.
    But you’re practically re-writing the whole thing anyway, aren’t you 😉
    So whatever happened to that blue angora?

  8. Really nice sweater! You look good in shorter sleeves, but… *I* like the full-length sleeves, and might even add a bit of flare to the ribbing for both the sleeves and the welt. Also, I’d add another ridge of two of ribbing on either side of the neck so my bra straps won’t show, because I’m not 20 anymore!
    Good luck beating the angora into submission.

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