Oh great, more Angora

Newyarn Receiving more of the devillish Angora Blue yarn is bittersweet.  Sure, I need more to make a little cardie, but this yarn has been spanking my arse.  Hard.

I ordered the last 3 skeins of blue available from Elann.  I took that bullet for you people, should you be tempted to order some.  It’s actually nice, soft yarn but it’s just not working with me.  Everytime I think things are going ok, wham!  Rip it baby.

In order to cushion the blow of having to order more Angora, I also bought a bag of Gigi.  I know, dumb, but there it is.  It was totally cheap and kind of an impulse buy.  You know the logic – well, it’ll cost only $1 more in shipping and that seems like a bargain.  I think the colorway I bought is called Golden Plum.  I didn’t see the gold sheen to the plum yarn until I got it.  It’s rather lovely, completely synthetic and will make a fun little top.  Did I mention a bag of 10 is all of $16.  See, how could I not?

Now, back to the hell that is Angora.


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  1. I was THIS CLOSE to finish my Ogee Tunic from Knitting Nature when I found out a sleeve had been put down on top of an uncapped red pen. What does this have to do with your post, you ask? I went out and bought more yarn for something else and it made me feel better–go Gigi!

  2. It sucks that you had to buy new yarn for the angora, it has been giving you issues, but it will be worth it. And how you resist the bag of Gigi for $16? You just couldn’t.

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