Heads and tails

Latestblue Angora Blue is progressing nicely.  The photo on the right is about 1" from the start of the armholes.  I know it looks short, but that is the whole body knit as one.  If you look at it that way, it’s not so tiny.  Plus, it’s a waist length cardie, so it’s not one of my longer "works"

I’m always saying I’m lazy, but the left photo proves it.  Instead of unraveling the top-down too tight sweater, I’m just knitting directly from the old work.  No unraveling and skeining back here.  No sir-ee.

So far it’s looking good.  I’m on gauge, which is a minor f*cking miracle.  I had to use some old straights because despite having dozes of circular 5, 6 and 7s, I’ve only got ONE size 8 circular and it’s holding my black and white wool sweater (that I should really be working on too).  How does this needle famine happen?  Faeries?

As an attempt to not jinx the progress of the Angora Blue I will employ the "look over here" device in order to divert any bad juju.  I ordered Fitted Knits the other day.  I’ve not even seen this book in person, but I keep seeing really cute things people are making from it, so what the heck.  Amazon’s got it on discount and it made my shipping free on another item, so trigger was pulled.  Retail therapy at its finest.


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  1. I ordered Fitted Knits not too long ago, and I think the pattens are fresh and creative, for the most part. I’d love to see some FO’s from this book….any blogs you’ve seen them on?

  2. Not re-skeining makes sense. You don’t want to disturb the bunny fluff too much. ;^)
    I’m looking forward to hearing what you think about that book. I’ve been curious, but haven’t seen one in person yet.

  3. I have to admit when I rip out, I hardly ever wind, wet, and hang to get nice, unkinked yarn. I see the difference when I knit, but so far, (knock on wood), it comes out when I block.
    Can you see any kinkiness in your new bunny sweater?
    (Just asking for more google hits!)

  4. Holy crap, that banner is psychedelic! Good going on Angora Blue. I don’t blame you, I would just knit it from the other too. Besides once yo block it, any kinks should be taken care of then.

  5. The tape-measure fairies move on to needles when you don’t have enough tape measures? 🙂
    I eagerly await your opinion of Fitted Knits.

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