Half shirt giddiness

Bluedevil_2 Okay, it’s not a half shirt (sorry Half Shirt Afficionados group) but rather half a sweater.  And I’m not exactly giddy – just relieved to have given yarny birth to this bodice.  That was a pretty arduous labor.

The body fits fine, it could actually be a tad tighter, but since I routinely wear undergarments and shirts, perhaps a bit of wearing ease will come in useful.  I’ve pinned the shoulders together and the front closed to see if this beast would fit.  It’s fine.

Next up, front and neck bands.  Last on deck will be the sleeves.  I’ll knit them simultaneously, since I’m not sure how long they’ll end up with the amount of yarn I have left.  I’d guess I have enough for long sleeves, but am still leaning toward a nice 3/4 length.  Wouldn’t that be a turn up for the books – I finally may have purchased enough yarn for whole sweater?!


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  1. I like the wide ribbing, and the fit seems just right! So what’s going to go wrong with the bands?

  2. Strike a pose! You don’t sound brimming with confidence about the amount of yarn. Remember; knitting faster will use up the yarn less quickly!

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