Help French speakers!


Good news:  I got my pretty new Phildar Special Twenty magazine in order to make sweater #4.

Bad news:  I CANNOT figure out the stitch pattern!  The chart doesn’t have a key, so it must be clear to everyone but me.

If you can figure out the chart or French explanation of said chart I will send you a treat.  Honestly, I’m a huge dork and can’t figure this out!


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  1. When I click to enlarge the pic it’s so big I can’t see the chart, it’s off the bottom of my screen. Poo ! From squinting I can see left and right leaning double decreases. Can’t tell what the squiggle next to the yarn over is.
    You had to go and pick a really complicated one, didn’t you ? !
    I hope a French blogger answers your plea.

  2. o.k., after cropping and enlarging I think the squiggle/loop symbol before the yarn over = pick up the loop between stitches on previous row , twist to make a stitch.So, you’re making a two stitch increase in the middle of the pattern, with a double decreas each side.
    Now you know I’m going to have to get the needles out …

  3. Maybe not ! So far I have :
    edge st, knit 2 tog, slip 1 knitwise, yo, ssk,knit 2 tog, slip 1 knitwise, yo, ssk, edge st.
    Now for row 3…

  4. o.k. , I think I, finally, have row 2 !
    edge st [I’m guessing it’s garter st], k2tog, knit into front and back of next stitch, yo, ssk, knit2 tog, knit into front and back of next stitch, ssk, edge stitch.
    Somehow the big tick symbol on row three, with the three over it, makes the hole, but keeps an extra made stitch.
    My brain hurts !

  5. où est le parapluie
    (the sum knowledge of my French)
    I’m very impressed with Emma!
    Any way of getting Becky out from under all her school work to take a look?

  6. Hi, I think I have row 3 down. I’m dutch, so my english can be somewhat unclear. When you are working row 3 you’re on the right side of the work.
    Here we go: edge stitch, 1 purl stitch, work together slip and ‘thrown’ stitch front, back, front (this will give 3 stitches), 1 purl stitch, edge stitch.
    Row 1: right side of work, all purl stitches
    I do some more thinking about row 2

  7. The ‘thrown’ stitch in row 3 is a yo. Duh!Row 2: edge stitch, k2tog, 1 yo with yarn in front, 1 ss as if to purl, bring back yarn as if to knit next stitch normally, ssk, edge stitch.
    I think this should be right! Sorry about the reverse order of explaining the rows. I am also not Dutch, I speak dutch, but I’m from Belgium.
    By the way, I love your blog, I’m a longtime lurker and this just pushed me over to post.

  8. R1: K, P to end of row, K
    R2: K, (p2tog, slip 1 purlwise, YO, p2tog tbl)*, K
    R3: K, (P, that looks like a cable stitch indicator to me… maybe passing the first stitch behind the second two, P)*, K
    * repeat to last stitch
    I’m just basing this on the chart… and some standard symbols I’ve seen before. I’d definitely stand by r2… I’d want to see a fabric sample close up to know about R3…

  9. From
    the V is a slipped stitch purlwise, and the funny looking 3 mark means to knit together the stitch with the yarnover next to it, again into the back of the stitches and once more in front to get 3 stitches. So the stitch count in the second row shrinks to 4 per repeat, and row 3 brings it back up to the original 5 stitches per repeat. Theresa is right about row 2.
    Lovely sweater.

  10. I don’t think you should P2tog on row 2 because that is the WS and there you should knit them together. à l’endroite means knit in french. à l’enverse is purl.

  11. The purl symbol usually means purl on the right side, knit on the wrong. If you purled both sides it would be garter stitch, and from the photo this pattern doesn’t have a garter stitch base. Cable symbols usually have two parrallel lines indicating the direction of the cable, and then there’s the three over the symbol.
    I;m leaning toward Barbara’s explanation, but confess I can’t be bothered to try knitting it right now ! Too tired ! It’s your turn.
    I suppose you’ll just have to see what looks right. That, or pester Becky !!!

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