It takes a whole lot of help…

Swatchofphildar It took many emails from many countries, but the stitch pattern from Phildar Pull #4 has been solved!

First, thanks so much to all the people who took the time to translate this hellish chart.  My own translations (which I wrote out on the Hotel Nikko scratch pad to make them classier) bore very little resemblence to the correct instructions, so thanks for saving my bacon.

I began by pasting everyone’s translations into a document and testing them out.  It turned out what worked for me (the top bit on the needle) was an amalgamation from 3 different people’s suggestions.  It took me a while to figure out where the YO should be.  I then determined that when you knit into the one stitch 3 times, it really does need to be a K/P/K rather than a front/back/front.  Front/back/front makes the YO go away (cleverly illustrated in the middle section of the swatch with no holes).

So drumroll please…’s the stitch pattern (which is not in any of my Barbara Walkers):

Phildar Special 20 stitch for Pull #4 (multiple of 5 plus 1)

Row 1 – RS (setup row): K1, P to last stitch, K1

Row 2 – WS: K1, (K2tog, YO, sl 1 kwise, ssk)*, k1

Row 3 – RS:  K1, (P1, knit next stitch together with YO to create 3 stitches by K1/p1/K1 into this stitch, P1)* k1

Repeat rows 2 and 3 for the pattern.

This is the stitch pattern that worked for me and I’ll be using this for a sweater inspired by Special Pull #4.  I’m going to modify the sweater itself, but utilize the diagrams to make up a similar pattern rather than translate this one.  I suspect that the pattern itself is rather straightforward and that we’ve already H304done the hard part of figuring out the craziest chart in the world.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to explain that crazy chart to me.  Vive la France!


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