Kimmythehelper Despite having six hours of airplane knitting time, I spent most of that time catatonic (love those early morning flights) watching the TV on the flying Greyhound that is J*tBl*e.  They DO have channels I don’t have at home so it wasn’t all bad, and watched Project Runway, Season 2 all the way to the right coast.  Fun stuff (I love Tim Gunn).  I think the real world business of designing clothes will come as a bit of a shock to those designers since you actually want to make clothes people would buy, but it makes for good TV.  I could just imagine the look on my boss’s face if I told her I was going to DRAPE a new design idea.  I don’t think the sample maker or pattern grader would enjoy my marked up muslin.  I would probably learn a few colorful words of Spanish though…oh I digress.

Socky Back to the knitting, or lack thereof.  I packed the Devil Blue cardie and ignored it.  I did pull it out and Kimba was encouraging me to take it out of the bag and work on it.  She’s good like that.

What I did work on for a bit, were some long neglected socks being knit up from Spirit Trail Fiberworks sock yarn.  Lovely stuff.  I’m using a simple crossed stitch rib pattern from one of the Barbara Walker Treasuries.  The repeats are different lengths because I lose count and just eyeball it.  Built in quirkiness ya know.


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