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ADDED LATER:  Buckwheat Bridge Angoras has a website www.bwbagoats.com for info on their show schedule and products!  You’re welcome.

I loved the Buckwheat Bridge angora/cormo/kid mohair blend yarn I got from the cormo booth at Maryland, I just had to start working with it!

The label says it’s made with 100% solar power.  I don’t know what that means, but I imagined big sun tea containers stuffed full of fluff, sitting around on a tropical lanai.  But, considering their farm is in New York state, my "vision" may be a touch inaccurate.

This fiber will be a birthday gift scarf for a friend, so deadline knitting commences.  I’ve got a month, so it’s not that bad of a deadline.  I’m using the Montego Bay scarf pattern sans fringe from the latest Interweave Knits, slightly adjusted for my gauge and a #5 needle.  It’s an easy stitch pattern to remember, and is perfect for evening knitting when you’re knackered.  It’s going to bias something fierce, but I think it’ll look like ribbons do when you cut the ends on the bias.  We’ll call that charming, instead of biasing.


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  1. Hmm — sun grows grass, sheep eat grass, sheep grow wool? Solar wool? I like the lanai image, though. Now that song about Montego Bay is running through my head – ack!

  2. I love them. I spent an awful long time in their booth at MD and at NH and own two pairs of solar socks and a big old bag of tasty tasty roving. So far.

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