Flowers I’ve had a thought to use up some of the stash – that applies to yarn as well as fabric.  In fact my fabric stash is about twice the size of the yarn stash!  The rule is to use patterns and fabric and notions already stashed.  Nothing new other than a zipper or something extremely necessary.

I have a few pretty little pieces of lightweight gauze and batiste in the stash gifted from our favorite Fluffa Becky and thought the upcoming heatwave merited a new summer top.  I selected this very lightweight gauze with the black abstract flowers as first up in the batting order.  Isn’t that the best fabric?  Thanks Becky!

I wanted a simple baby-doll style top to wear over tanktops (no nip slips here) and came upon McCall’s 5388 (view D) in the pattern stash.  Perfect, almost.  The pattern was longer than I’d wanted so I shortened the body 3" and left off the elastic at the sleeves.  Too constricting in the heat.  That’s it!  It’s a REALLY easy pattern if you’re shy about your sewing skills, and takes no time at all.

Now bring on the those degrees!


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  1. The top looks great! Just in time for the hot weather. I haven’t sewn a garment for so long, maybe I’ll re-enter the realm of sewing again with something for my girls.

  2. So very fabulous! To begin with, I love that kind of fabric — BATISTE! — and your rendition plays it to the stratosphere 😉
    I’m about ready to take the plunge after shopping this weekend where I saw all sorts of stuff I could make/wear.

  3. You know, it’s cute little tops like that that make me a little sad I live somewhere that never tops 65 degrees… 🙂 Great work!

  4. I find my cutting makes or breaks my sewing. Do you use shears or a rotary cutter to cut out the pieces?
    Oh, and your top looks absolutely adorable & chic at the same time!

  5. DUDE! That fabric is soooooo pretty all sewn up into that cute top. You have such an eye for the cute tops! Yours makes me want to haul out the gauzy fabrics and do some stitching for myself. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

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