Blue devils and debutauntes

Bluedone My Blue Devil cardie is finally done, blocked and hurled into the closet.  Sadly, I don’t imagine I’ll need this warm sweater for quite a while yet.

It’s pretty darn plain.  All stockinette with 1×1 ribbing.  I’d hoped for 3/4 sleeves, but they’re more like "bracelet" length.  I knit the body in one piece and picked up the front bands and neck band.  I also used tubular cast on and cast off because it’s so beautiful.  Kind of a pain, but beautiful.


BluecloseYarn: Elsebeth Lavold Angora in blue from Elann; about 9.5 skeins.

Pattern:  my own – ballet neck front and back, button front with bracelet length sleeves and hits at waist.

Gauge:  I tried the recommended 20 st/4" and found that to be too dense.  I was much happier with the 18 st/4".

All in all, considering I ripped this sweater out about half a dozen times, I quite like the way it turned out.  It fits well and is plain enough that I’ll probably get some good wear out of it.  Okay, back to our regularly scheduled 75 degree weather.

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  1. Congratulations on finally finishing the blue angora sweater! Yay! That’s proof that it pays off to rip until it’s exactly what you want; it’s just right.
    That new banner, though, is a hoot. I can’t tell if I’m back in 1985 watching MTV or if someone put something fun in my brownies. 🙂

  2. Ity’s such a good sweater that people probably won’t even comment on it when you wear it! They won’t say, Nice sweater, did you make it? It just looks like a real sweater! Totally wearable and lovable.

  3. Woo!
    I knew you would show that bunny fluff who’s boss. It’s fabulous, Sil, and will be a great staple once the weather cools down for us. Congrats!

  4. Beautiful! and although it may not have been the most fun to knit, I know you’re right that it will be a wardrobe staple.

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