Shrink nothing

Shrinkthis_2  I’ve been working steadily on my top down Not-so-Shrunken Cardie by Wendy Bernard and as you can see it’s coming along quite quickly.  I’m knitting it from the Shelridge Farm Wool Cotton DK yarn in amethyst that I just got at Maryland.  How’s that for a production turnaround?

I’ve laid the sweater over my favorite of all time $1.97 cardie from Kohl’s for fit comparison.  I find that even if you try the sweater in progress on for fit checks, it’s also very handy to compare it to the fit of a favorite sweater.

My $1.97 cardie is much stretchier than the wool cotton, so the Shrunken should be a tad bigger to adjust for the difference in ease.  I can’t tell whether the waist shaping was started too late.  I’m making this part of the pattern up as it’s written as a cropped cardie and I want a longer one.  I’ll knit up to the length I want and see how it fits after casting off.  You know I’ll rip back if it’s not right.  That Blue Devil cardie is the poster child of my ripping fortitude.

Have a nice long weekend to those that get one!  Also, go check out that gorgeous sari silk yarn that my sister has posted as the featured prize for today’s MS Ride prize post!  I love sari silk.  As inspiration, here’s a picture of a scarf (multi-directional free pattern from the internets) I made from sari silk that was soooo beautiful I really didn’t want to give it up.  But I did…


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  1. Oooh, that scarf is gorgeous! I’ve never known what to do with sari silk.
    That’s a *great* turnaround on the Maryland yarn! Maybe I should knit something from Stitches…

  2. I need your knitting speed.
    Sales over here start in about a month. [Crosses fingers that I get a good deal on clothes, too.] Wanna visit? πŸ™‚

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