NO knitting zone

Gobear Despite having a nice long three day weekend here in the US, I knit NOTHING.  At all.

We took a trip up to Tahoe for the long weekend and those $4/gallon gas prices apparently kept everyone at home.  Great!  No traffic and no hoardes of humanity.

Despite every intention on knitting amongst the pines, none of that happened.  Oh well.  Since there’s no knitting to amuse you on this knitting blog, I’ll show you the best darn thing I saw while toddling around the lake.  (FYI walking with purpose at altitude is a great little endurance builder.)

Crookedlake If you’re unfamiliar with Tahoe property prices (and I’m certainly not-not my reality), family sized holiday homes in this area come in pretty darn close to $1 million for recent construction and lake views.  This fine home was brand spanking new and huge.  Sure it had custom EVERYTHING, but it also had this bear.  It’s carved from a log.  A big log.  In one piece.  Bear is sitting on that custom pillar holding up the custom deck in front of the huge custom windows.

I can only imagine the telephone conversation ordering the bear sculpture contained the words "no, bigger" quite a bit.  Anywho, here it is in it’s glory.  It’s actually kind of creepy-looking all splayed like that.  And as my friend said, money can’t buy taste.

What’s Bear looking at?  The lake of course…Happy Monday Tuesday!


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  1. No traffic? I shoulda gone. Love the bear and yeah, money and taste are not a combo in that bear. Pretty hilarious, though, and I actually would kinda like it except for the bear’s pose.

  2. Yeah. . . . The first thing I thought when I saw the long-range shot is, “Man, that bear is certainly immodest!” I do wonder what the owners were thinking. Bears have naughty bits too, you know (although thankfully it doesn’t seem to be anatomically correct – what does that say about me that I looked?).

  3. It sounds like you had a wonderful time. The pic of the lake is so serene. I can’t wait for my vacation coming up in July. I don’t think I’ll be doing any knitting either while on vacation.

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