Still knitting

Meandmysweater I couldn’t resist showing y’all my marked progress on this Marilyn Cardie.  Despite a long weekend of mild debauchery and no knitting, I am fairly well along on this project.  Can’t you see how happy I am in the picture?

Right.  I AM happy with the way the project is turning out.  I’ve added 6.5" to the body length and will make long sleeves instead of the 3/4 length in the pattern.  I bought six skeins of Shelridge Farm Wool Cotton DK weight and have used one and 1/100th on the body.  I guess I’ve got enough for a floor length cardie at this rate.  That’s a change for me, the queen of the one sleeved cropped sweater.

In the cute pattern alert department, Too Much Wool Cassie has the most beautiful sock pattern for sale called Loksins.  I can hardly wait to use my Shrek green (they call it Heath) Shelridge Farm fingering weight wool for those.  Cassie is a talented girl.  Good work!

Okay, back to scowling at the camera!


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