When life hands you lemons…

Yummies The other day I purloined a bag of meyer lemons from a friend’s tree(?) shrub(?) bush(?).  I brought them home and promptly wondered what the hell to do with them.

Because I’m me, the first thing that came to mind was CAKE!  Me likey cake.  I dialled up the Cooks Illustrated and made the Lemon Bundt cake with super-licious icing please.  Yummy!  I brought it to work and it’s history boys and girls.  Many accolades did I receive.

I’ve still got plenty of lemons left and no more ideas of what to do with them.  Anyone?  Anyone?


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  1. Lemon squares! Cook’s Illustrated’s recipe for them is my favorite and pretty simple (I’d link, but the recipe on their site is only available to subscribers — let me know if you want me to send it to you).

  2. I second the idea for a lemon cocktail. I’m told that the zest or slices goes really well with fish – baked in parchment or somesuch. But really, I’m on a total ice cream kick lately — I think a meyer lemon sorbet (or granita, if you don’t have an ice cream maker) would be heavenly.

  3. Meyer lemon curd is so good it should be a controlled substance. It tastes good on *everything*. Toast, scones, muffins, a spoon… 🙂

  4. My two suggestions have already been suggested: lemon bars (although I prefer the Barefoot Contessa’s recipe) and lemon curd. How I do love the curd!

  5. When the life gives you lemons, make . . .
    I bet Meyer lemonade would be great. Though, perhaps you can purloin some more when the whether is warmer.

  6. I’m thirding (fourthing? whatever) the lemon curd nomination, though my preferred recipe is from “A New Way to Cook” by Sally Schneider.
    Alternatively, slice ’em thin and candy them. Candied Meyer lemons are de-lish.

  7. For a non dessert idea, from one who has two lemon trees, you can make fajitas with lemons instead of lime. I use the same amount of juice as I would if I were using limes, and it tastes similar. We also make tons of lemonade, or freeze the juice in ice cube trays to save for later.

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