Lemon bars and love

Collage1Thanks for all the meyer lemon suggestions!  I’ve got a constantly producing TREE at my disposal so I’ll be able to try ALL the suggestions out.  I did learn that my blog friends really like lemon curd.

My latest foray into the lemon arena took the form of lemon bars. Today’s photo collage shows the progression from shortbread crust to lemon goop to baked yummies.

I used the lemon bar recipe from Cooks Illustrated and it’s a good one.  Even though Cooks Illustrated recipes are rather bossy and use too many bowls and dishes, they do know what they’re doing. Cooks Illustrated is a subscription thing, though I prefer the internet only option.  That way I don’t waste paper and still have access to the recipe database.  There’s a free trial if you’re intrigued

These bars are extremely delicious and I’m sure to be employee of the month at work for June.

For the love part of the title, did you see that my sister has raised her $20,000 goal for her MS Ride Fundraiser at the end of this month?  She’s still got twenty days and tons of prizes so she upped the total goal to $30,000!  Go girl! Read about it here and donate if you can!


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  1. Those look very yummy. I also noticed in one of my old Sunsets a yummy-looking recipe for coconut cookies topped with lemon curd and raspberries. Mmmmm.

  2. Congrats to Claudia! That’s awesome. I’ll have to go over and donate again. Those lemon bars are yummy! Don’t go tempting me that recipe. Might have to try the trial just for that recipe. My guy loves all things lemon.

  3. Lemon curd? There was lemon curd? (goes to previous post and comments) DROOL.
    Made that once. Note just the once. I doubled the recipe to use up a lemon-glut and it took forever to thicken. And then I spilt it. 😦
    And then it went mouldy because no-one ate it.
    I was about 10 years old.
    Are you crying yet? 😉

  4. I love lemon bars, lemon curd and cooks illustrated (bossiness included). I’ll have to check out the web site. A meyer lemon tree needs to be in my yard. Happy snacking.

  5. Old Meyers or the New Improved variety? I have the old one in our yard, and the whites of it are the bitterest substance known to man. Squeeze them by hand, but don’t ever put them in a juicer.
    When we moved to California, we picked all these lovely oranges off our tree in our new backyard, juiced them on the juicer, took a big swig all of us together, and…about died. Meyers are crossbred with oranges, and turn orange and round and smell like oranges when they’re overripe. But those whites mixed in, not to mention the lack of sugar, but just especially those whites… Sheer agony. And very funny–much later.

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