Big Orange

Bigorange_2 Some excellent progress was made on Big Orange last night while enjoying a fabulous reading by the one and only Yarn HarlotStephanie was hilarious and thought provoking, as per usual.

The bookstore was pretty darn at capacity when I rolled in fashionably late, but Big Orange and I found a chair upon which to perch and had at it.  When the evening started I’d just finished turning the heel and above is how much I can knit during a Harlot talk.  It’s almost toe time.  Why yes, I do have tiny little footbinding feet.

What’s the 4-1-1 on Big Orange.  The yarn is orange Fortissima Socka from Maryland last year. Constructionwise, I used the usual short row heel and toe (of course), picot hem (of course) and a drop stitch pattern from one of the Barbara Walker Treasuries that I charted with Excel to do in the round.  Turns out it’s a really easy pattern repeat and by the time I managed a workable format for charting, I memorized it.  Crap!


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  1. You didn’t tell us you’re 1/2 responsible for getting the YH on her way!
    I’m finally going to be able to see her out this way in August, so I don’t want her running out of steam before then!

  2. I’m seriously craving an orange julius right now. (That’s what happens when I visit your sister’s and your blog one after the other.)

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