Harlots and socks

Steph1 Despite taking an adequate number of pictures of Stephanie "Yarn Harlot" P-Mc-P at her recent book signing in Petaluma, this is the only possible shot that I could show in public.  The rest would have you reaching for Dramamine or your spectacles.  This shot does show something I’d missed at the actual event, apparently they placed Steph under a Science Fiction sign.  I’m sure they don’t mean knitting is completely alien, but it’s still Socksfunny on a Monday morning.

On the sock front, I finished my first Big Orange sock.  And I started another.  Well, not the mate to Big Orange, rather I started a Loksins sock out of the Shelridge Farms Fingering Weight yarn in "heath" recent purchased at Maryland Sheep and Wool.

I LOVE Cassie’s pattern and couldn’t wait to start it.  I justified starting a non-mate to Big Orange by buying a new set of sock needles so I could make both at once (stop laughing).  The Loksins charts are straight forward and easy to follow without having to pay too much attention.  A good movie watching project.  What can I say, I’m weak.

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  1. Oh, too many needles is never a problem. Someone at my knit night seemed astonished that I used Magic Loop, since I would have had to buy more needles. Um, now that Options needles are about $5 — who cares? Who ever cared?

  2. What’s wrong with getting more knitting needles? That way you are keeping the sock yarn from marinating in your stash, see? And having two socks projects at once means you’re hardcore, right? Really, you can rationalize anything if you try hard enough . . .;-)

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