Matchy matchy

Cutesocks The much feared virulent Second Sock Syndrome (SSS) has infected me something fierce.

At left you see one lonely Loksins and at right one lonely Big Orange.  Both are lovely and both are completely different little animals.

These are my options:

1.  Knit the mates to these fruity fun colored socks;

2.  Knit little red scarves for my socks ala the Red Scarf project benefitting the Orphan Foundation (a truly kick ass cause folks) so they don’t feel like I’ve forgotten about them all alone in the knitting basket;

3.  Donate money to my sister’s MS ride because she’s only about $2000 away from her $30,000 goal (yeah you read that right!!!) and the prizes are so amazing!  And maybe win more sock yarn to make another single sock.

4.  Take a nap and pretend that orange is the new green and green is the new orange.


9 responses

  1. Of course she says knit the 2d orange sock. 😀
    I say leave them alone! They look lovely together, and despite what some people may say, there are no SecondSock Police. Don’t cave to peer pressure, Silvia. Leave the sockies alone. Who’s to say this isn’t a virus but the next step in sock evolution?? Hmm?

  2. Here’s my idea:
    Number 3 first, then 2, then 1.
    In the meantime, repeat number 4 to yourself over and over until it becomes your new mantra.

  3. Dude. I would hardly know which to finish first. Those are my favorite colors. So I’m in favor of a nap. That should do the trick. 🙂

  4. My granddaughter loves two different socks – it is her trade mark and if that is the worse rebellion that comes our way I will indulge her – I am making band socks with black leg sections but the toe sections will be different colors! So any single socks – let me know I have a person who will gladly wear them and her sister too! Oh what fun grandchildren are!

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