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Ruffled I’ve finished the knitting and crocheting of my Not So Shrunken Cardie.  I like the sweater, it’s a good basic, but I’m not sure about the ruffles.

I’d been attracted to this pattern in the first place because of the cute ruffles, but my yarn is rather firm and the ruffles seem kind of goofy.  I’ve not woven in ends or wet blocked, so it’ll soften up some from this version.  I should really go do that…I’d intially used two rows of ruffles and those looked really, um, firm.  Kind of like, hi Sil, are those ruffles or are you just glad to see me…

So what to do, weave in ends and wet block and then decide or rip those ruffles off and go plain jane?


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  1. I like it! Definitely try a wet block on it and then put it in time out for a little while. When you look at it again, you’ll have a whole new perspective. 🙂

  2. Well, I prefer a bit firmer ruffle. Limp ruffles over the bust aren’t going to be a big hit, either.
    I agree withn the wet-block-a-swatch-with-ruffles suggestion. You did swatch, right? My main use for swatches is to try out finishing options before the piece gets to the irrevocable state.
    But, I lean toward the keep them option. Only if you’re sure you’ll wear it, though. That’s the deciding question for me.

  3. Hmm … not being a ruffles person, I can’t really judge. I’d take them off or go bigger – to my eyes they seem a little meh. Making any sense at all? Feel free to ignore my advice and follow that of a more experienced knitter. Your sister!

  4. I think they’re big enough, but I’m not much of one for ruffles in the first place. I think the sweater is a bit plain without that touch. So, block it and see what you think then. Like Claudia says. Gosh, my advice coincides with actual expert advice. What are the odds?

  5. The original sweater looks shorter and smaller, so somehow the ruffles aren’t so demanding of the attention they are getting on your sweater! It is hard to tell though because the pattern pic isn’t very good–

  6. You are not sure about the ruffles becasue they are not good and your innate good taste knows it.
    Make them stop. Blocking will not help them. Rip OR go buy a set of tip-of-the-nose glasses and a chain to hang them on. Or maybe a depression era flowered dress that’s seen one too many washings?
    Seriously, I think the ruffles might work if the style was very close fitting, so you were playing visually with style cues, you know? But in the more relaxed ease you’ve chosen they don’t balance right.

  7. Juno beat me to it ! The ruffles are o.k., but not ”you” at all. A bit mumsy, dare I say. If you’re having doubts about them it’s a good sign that you don’t really like them.
    Another yarn, colour and tighter fitting garment would look fab with buttonband ruffles.
    You did ask !

  8. Hi!
    I think the ruffles will soften, but I agree with Claudia; wait for weaving in.
    But, I would not take off the ruffles; in fact, I would change the buttons : glass flowers, or something of that kind; it will have a different look, in harmony with the ruffles.

  9. With just the photo for guide, the ruffles make the neckline look a bit odd, like it’s too big or saggy or, well, something off. By all means block to see if things change for the better before you decide.

  10. I fall into the no-ruffles clan. But you can carry them off if they soften. Claudia seems to usually know best, so I guess you should listen to her first.

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