Fluffle ruffle

Afterruffle Sweater blocked.

Ruffles, much the same.

Me – tired…Newphil

Keep or rip ruffle, priceless.  No wait, that’s a commercial.  I can’t decide and will toss said  sweater into a corner for a few days and start something new.  Heheheh…

The something new, you ask.  Perhaps it’s time for a smidge of Phildar sweater #4 from Phildar Special Twenty Collection Printemps Ete 07…orange never hurt anyone.

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  1. I guess this is one reason I never made that sweater yet — I would have the same inability to decide about the ruffle. Normally I don’t like ruffles, but it seems to me that the sweater might want some accessorizing.
    I’m curious — how much yarn did you end up using?

  2. How about ripping out the ruffles and trying it with a slightly bigger needle so it’s not so stiff? You may want to do a row or two less to keep them from getting longer and floppy.

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