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Phildar sweater #4 has commenced.  The pattern is only available in French and last month I borrowed your collective wisdom to help me figure out the stitch pattern.  Boy was that an odd pattern.  It doesn’t help that my knowledge of French only stretches as far as words to describe clothes and food.  Sure I can say "ham" three different ways, but not so much with the knitting patterns.

I’ve since written a pattern for this sweater in English and monkeyed with the needle size every time I swatched.  I first used a size 5 needle and got a good fabric.  When knitting up a larger piece I began thinking it should be a tad tighter and ripped out and did ribbing on 3s and pattern on 4s.  It looks better to me.  Yay!

The yarn itself is completely without give and rather splitty, but produces a nice fabric with a hint of sheen from the rayon content.  The knitting stitch pattern is verrrrryyyy stretchy and compensates nicely for any intractability of the yarn.  In fact that piece of knitting you see above is the back piece, it’s just all squinched up.  I know, looks like a sleeve doesn’t it.  Not!  And no, I’m knitting this for Nicole Richie, it really does stretch out to fit a real size person (moi).  The yarn is Endless Summer Collection Luna (rayon/cotton blend) in coppered sienna from Elann for those interested in such matters.  I bought it ages ago so that colorway is gone.  It’s got a lovely drape, so there is a pay off to enduring the splittiness.  Plus, please note, I’m knitting with stash yarn.  I must be faint from the heat…


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  1. You + Claudia are to orange as I am to purple. I think my French extends to requesting a room (that’s with a toilet *and* a shower, thankyouverymuch), ordering a meal, and stumbling through payment for same. Nice looking stitch pattern, too!

  2. Hmm, that new rpoject is looking good. I have that same yarn from, purchased it last summer and love it. I actually made Tivoli out of it.

  3. Oops!
    I missed your blog the day yo asked for help!
    First, let’s say that this stitch, even in french, seams to be an Alien knitting stitch!Orion, Zeta Reticuli???
    So : Wysteria stitch :
    First row : Front of the knitting.Purl all the stitches.
    Second row : Back of the knitting : 1 slip stitch for sewing; “slip 1 stitch knitwise, knit 1, pass over; yarn over, but bringing the thread in front of you (back side of the knitting); slip 1 stitch purlwise; bring back the thread to knit normaly the next stitch, and knit 2 together;”; repeat from ” to “; 1 last stitch for sewing.
    Third row : 1 slip stich for sewing; “1 purl; knit together the slip stitch and the yarn over, once knit, once purl and once knit, in order to make 3 stitches; 1 purl”; repeat from ” to “; 1 stitch for sewing.
    Always repeat rows 2 an 3.

  4. Re :
    It seams to be be what you’re doing, in fact!
    The picture of the stich looks like the one in the pattern.
    Bon courage!

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