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Orangephildar I’ve described the Endless Summer Luna yarn I’m using for this Phildar sweater as "splitty".  Don’t get me wrong, it is splitty.  You’ve got to keeping making sure you’re knitting all those strands together, but it does have this really pretty sheen from the rayon fibers that make it worth the extra vigilance.  I tried to chase a patch of sunlight to see if I could capture its sheeny essence.  (Who besides me just had a total flashback to Sheena Easton?)

Well despite splittiness and reminiscences Sheena Easton, I managed a bit of progress on the back.  It’s not a hard stitch pattern once you get six lovely French speakers to translate the instructions.  Plus I’m knitting this using sharp metal straight needles.  And I was able to knit while watching Peep Show (season 1) Teal1_2in bits and pieces.  Funny show, rather like The Office, and it’s in English so I didn’t need subtitles (though if you’re easily offended, skip this recommendation).

Also, in an effort to reuse/recycle etc., I unearthed my Rusted Root from the knitting basket which was begun last fall.  Oh yeah, forgot all about it.  Don’t know why, it’s cute and the pattern is super easy.  I could read subtitles and still knit that one at the same time.  I’m knitting this project from Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece and I love that stuff.  It’s good and cheap.  Perfect for a summery project.  The hardest thing about this project is photographing the teal colored yarn.  That patch of sunlight did double duty today…


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  1. The color of that Phildar sweater is going to look so great on you!
    And the Rusted Root looks practically done — maybe it will seem like you will have knit up a sweater in a day!

  2. Oh, wow, forgot about that Rusted Root. Looks great. And you’re close to being done too. The Elann Luna yarn is definitely worth the extra effort while knitting it. I love the sheen from the yarn and it looked great in my Tivoli too. Yours looks wonderful, the stitch pattern is very unique and lovely.

  3. Mitchell and Webb are hilarious. I don’t know if the Beeb allow it outside the UK, but they have a show on BBC Radio 4 and it’s available to listen to online (for me on this side of the pond, anyway).
    Oh, and nice knitting, too!

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